House Insurance

Of course we can insure your house! No claim bonuses available.

  • 20% Multi-policy discount available (conditions apply)
  • Replacement to your sum insured if your home is completely destroyed.
  • Full replacement if your home is destroyed by fire.
  • Liability protection if there is an accident at your home which causes damage to someone else's property.
  • Natural disaster damage if your home suffers natural disaster damage, which is more than the EQCover limit (paid the difference).
  • Includes Gradual Damage cover up to $3,000* (conditions apply)
  • Landscaping. Cover to your lawn, flowers, trees etc if the damage is caused by fire or a vehicle.
  • Cover for Garden retaining walls.
  • Temporary accommodation if your home suffers damage that makes it uninhabitable.
  • Key and locks replacement if they are stolen, lost or damaged.
  • House under minor renovation up to $50,000* while it's undergoing non-structural renovations that don't require a building consent.
  • Stress benefit lump sum payment to help with the stress if your home is destroyed.
  • Glass breakage reduced excess if your claim is for glass breakage only.
  • Carpet extended replacement. If you have matching carpet throughout your home and some of its damage, if there isn't a suitable match, the whole lot will be replaced (conditions apply).
  • * depends on plan


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