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Who We Are

Trust in your insurance professional is critical in an industry which is undergoing massive changes following recent events in New Zealand. At MBS Insurance we take the confusion out of an increasingly complex industry. We constantly meet new clients seeking our help because they have no idea what their policies actually cover them for, and who often pay far too much for the cover they have.


Our consultants are Registered Financial Advisers who have both the skills and industry support to confidently advise in today's often complex insurance arena. Our confidence is your confidence. It is fully supported and we invite you to benefit from our extensive expertise.



We have 16 years' experience in the insurance field and as professionals, we have made it our business to stay up to date on the changes currently occurring in the industry. We are committed to giving you the advantage of our in-depth knowledge and expertise to help you clearly understand, and get the benefit, of a well-thought-out insurance policy or programme. At MBS Insurance you get the right advice, from professionals who stay ahead of the developments.

Why choose MBS Home Loans and Insurance?

Convenience: We are available to meet with you in your home or workplace.

Tailored Cover: It is important that your risk protection is tailored to your unique circumstances. We put a lot of time into reviewing what you already have in place, compare it with what all the other providers offer, and then discuss the possibilities with you for improving your cover.

Detailed Research: We provide an exceptionally detailed review of all the options available, giving you a price, rating and customer service comparisons from all the major insurance companies.

Affordable Best: It is in our interest to ensure that you have the best protection available at a price you can afford.

The Right Solutions

Our risk protection solutions are put in place only after we have researched in detail the huge number of options available using information from an independent rating house (QPR). From that research, we identify and source the products that best fit your unique circumstances.

Get the right solution for your insurance needs through MBS Insurance. We will be there for you if you ever need to claim. Happy clients bring us new clients so our interest is in working for you because we want your business over and over again, and the business of your referrals.

At MBS Insurance we often say that the choice of insurances is like sitting down at a nice restaurant with just so many courses. You know what you'd like to have, but you have to choose what is best for you and your budget - Stewart McLachlan

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